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Episode 8 will come in Nov 21, 2018 - today
1 Hell Is What You Make It
Wednesday Oct 31, 2018
Stan tries to rescue Evie from a psychiatric hospital but he is mistaken for a demon.
2 The Hex Files
Wednesday Oct 31, 2018
Two eerily familiar paranormal investigators arrive in Willard's Mill.
3 Larva My Life
Wednesday Nov 07, 2018
Evie's ex-husband, Kenny, turns into The Kennypillar, half-man half-caterpillar.
4 The Demon Who Came in From the Heat
Wednesday Nov 07, 2018
Stan befriends a laid back demon in an attempt to free the souls captured by Constable Eccles.
5 Nubbin but Trouble
Wednesday Nov 14, 2018
Denise finds a puppet that begins summoning spirits from hell.
6 Vampire Creek
Wednesday Nov 14, 2018
Stan, Evie and Kevin try to save Denise after she is trapped inside her favorite vampire soap opera.
7 Intensive Scare Unit
Wednesday Nov 21, 2018
8 Stan Against Evie
Wednesday Nov 21, 2018

Stan Against Evil 3

IMDb 7.2 na min/episode
An aging police sheriff begrudgingly joins an alliance with a new sheriff, Evie Barret, to battle angry demons haunting their small New Hampshire town.
Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
John C Mcginley, Janet Varney, Nate Mooney, Deborah Baker Jr
United States
8.4 / 23 times
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